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RPMLX (the Philippine Multiple Listing Exchange) is your window to Philippine properties, giving you choices from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. RPMLX is managed by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Committee of PAREB, the oldest and largest real estate service organization in the country, composed of 61 real estate boards strategically located nationwide, with over 3,600 licensed real estate professionals as members.

The New RPMLX Website

Sometime in 2007, the PAREB MLS COMMITTEE was asked to take over the RPMLX website by its owners, headed by Manuel Bocaling, Oscar Garcia, Cesar Arnaldo and Antonio Constantino. Initially, they were to take over the management and operations of RPMLX.

Subsequently, the RPMLX WEBSITE was donated to PAREB by its owners, and the MLS Committee was tasked to operate it up to the present.

During the last quarter of 2010, the PAREB MLS Committee proposed to upgrade the RPMLX WEBSITE by hiring a programmer to design a new one using the MLS funds it had raised through its MLS Congress. The PAREB Directorate approved the proposal and an Ad Hoc Committee was formed, which included Pres. Ariel Martinez, PP Ed Aceron, PP Manny Bocaling and several members of the MLS Committee. It commissioned Boogie Boydon in February 2011 to design the new website. In September 2011, a BETA site was started for testing.

The website has been designed to be more user-friendly and will enable members to directly upload their listings and pictures to the website. The new RPMLX WEBSITE will be officially launched on October 6, 2011 during the 22nd MLS Congress to be held at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu to start the Annual PAREB National Convention.

The website will be used by the regular members of PAREB MLS for its MLS exchange, together with MLS2005 which shall be retained and operating in its egroup format. The listings on RPMLX will be publicly viewable on the Internet under its URL: www.rpmlx.com.


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Ready for Occupancy House and Lot
PHP 6.900.000

FL: Makati,Residential Condo, Legazpi Village, 2BR, FA:150 sqm, fully furnished, P85K
PHP 85.000

FL: Makati, Residential Condo, Salcedo Village, 3BR, FA:184sqm, fully furnished, Adjacent to Salcedo Park, P100K

FL: Makati,Residential Condo, Salcedo Village, 2BR, FA:137sqm, fully furnished, Adjacent to Salcedo Park,P90K
PHP 90.000

Secret Cove Bech Resort
PHP 14

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